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Data-Driven Marketing

The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know

"A groundbreaking combination of research, frameworks, and pragmatic advice for both controlling and radically improving marketing. A must-read for the entire marketing organization, from the CMO to the front lines."

Barry Judge
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Best Buy

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We live in budget-cutting times, and marketing budgets are among the first to get cut. Why? When non-marketing executives take a hard look at the numbers, they often can't see a tangible link between marketing and overall revenue. So if you're a marketer today, you're probably facing the need to do more with less, justify all investments, show results, and still beat the competition. The secret to this balancing act is having—and correctly using—the numbers.

"Business-to-consumer marketing and business-to-business marketing are very different. Through detailed examples, this outstanding book shows how to apply data-driven marketing in both worlds for real results. This book is for anyone in business, not just marketing, who wants to step up the performance of their marketing.

David G. Bills
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, DuPont

Data-Driven Marketing uses simple, non-technical language to help you to master the latest analytical techniques while maximizing your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). You'll take your marketing performance to the next level as you discover:

  • Why more than 80 percent of companies don't make data-driven marketing decisions (and suffer for it)

  • The 15 key metrics every marketer should know

  • The five obstacles to data-driven marketing and how to overcome them

  • In-depth examples of how to apply data-driven principles in small and large organizations

  • How to use the 15 metrics to improve the performance of your campaigns by a factor of five or more

  • New research insights from the Kellogg School of Management, America's leading marketing business school, surveying 252 Fortune 1000 firms, encompassing $53 billion of annual marketing spending

  • Free downloadable ROMI templates for all examples given in the book

Every marketing department is under pressure to deliver, but some will thrive and some won't. Data-Driven Marketing provides top-to-bottom coverage of what works, what doesn't, and what makes the difference in this important but misunderstood area. Pick up this essential guide today and you'll not only come out on top, but know (and measure) the reason why.

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